Solara and Risa at first level dressage

Our Training Program

-Training Background: Risa has an extensive background in Hunter Jumpers and Dressage. She is a very capable rider and is currently jumping 4 ft jumper courses on her Dutch Warmblood, April. She also has trained her Cleveland Bay Sport Horse, Bered, through the levels of Dressage, and the pair is headed towards Prix St. George and upward. She rides very classically, and has developed a strong sense of feel over the past 20+ years.

She is a very capable, patient, and knowledgeable rider. She enjoys the challenges brought about by each new training horse, and is always looking to continue her education.  Risa believes in working with the owner during the training process to make sure that the pair will be successful.  Whether you’re starting a young horse or dealing with a problem, Risa has extensive background in both. She is excited to work with you.


Training Rides- $70 each ride (or session)-
Sometimes, you just need someone to get on and figure it out. Sometimes you get frustrated, you feel like you or your horse will never get it. If your horse is not in training board but you would like for Risa to help you for a ride or two, please know she is very willing to do so.  We expect a lot from our selves and our horses, and sometimes the expectations exceed reality. It can be a very frustrating time.

Remember, 90 % of the problems we experience with our horses are rider generated. .  If you ask Risa to get on your horse and she is available, she will talk you through what she feels, what she thinks,  and where to go next.