You'll Love the things You Learn

At Castle Glen Equine, we strive to create thinking riders who are not only able to ride the horse beneath them, but also to be able to be a benefit to the horse. Our horses are our greatest asset, and they deserve our very best. Lessons are geared with the balanced seat in mind, and are always taught in a classical way.

Lessons are available for beginner through advanced riders of all ages, and especially gear towards riders who are as determined as we are. We welcome all types of riders, but we do specialize in Dressage, Hunters, and Jumpers. We believe that Dressage is the starting point for many other types of disciplines, as it is one of the most balanced seats, where the rider can feel more secure while he or she learns what they are feeling underneath of them. Our ultimate goal is to create a rider who so seamlessly works with the horse so that it looks as though the horse and rider are a harmony.  Once the flatwork is secure, everything else comes much more effectively and efficiently, weeding out feelings of frustration or failure. Our goal is to create a rider who does less to get more. Although we love to compete at horse shows, we realize that not everyone wants to show, which is completely acceptable.

we strive to create the best possible partnership between horse and rider, while having fun and staying open minded.  Risa will never push riders or horses too far or too fast, and will always try to accommodate new and challenging issues. Lessons are available on Risa’s horses, or your own.

If you trailer in for lessons, we ask for one weeks notice as well as an additional $15 fee. We also require proof of negative current coggins.

Private lessons:

Our private lessons are our most demanding.  With that being said, private lessons are the most satisfying and productive. Our private lessons are 45 minutes to one hour in time (depending on the horse and riders capabilities) and are one on one with Risa. She teaches no two lessons the same as she focuses on the best possible route for success for individual horse and rider combinations. You can be sure that she carefully selects and digests material for each individual lesson to help the student and horse in the best way possible.

Cost- $65.00 per lesson or $180 for three lessons


Check out our boarding page, for our full board and lesson package consisting of two private lessons each month!



Semi-Private lessons consist of two horse and rider combinations. These lessons are usually one hour in length, and time is divided up among both. Risa asks that as you schedule these lessons, with riders of similar level to yours to maximize effectiveness. These lessons are slightly less demanding than private lessons, as Risa’s instruction will be divided.

Cost- $55 per rider per lesson or $150 for three lessons


Group lessons consist of three or more riders. We ask that if possible the number stay below 5, to make sure all riders are getting sufficient instruction and attention.  These lessons are the least demanding on riders and horses, as there is slightly more down time while theory is discussed, or specific problems are worked through with each horse and rider.

Cost- $45 per rider