Castle Glen Equine operates from Trotwood Stables in Greencastle, PA

Where We Call Home

Stalls and Main Barn- The majority of our stalls are 12 x 10 in our main barn. They are fully matted and well bedded in stall pellets (but are open to suggestions for improvement, as always). Each stall has a total of two electrical outlets on the front of the stall. The stalls have sliding doors and are barred on the front, to allow for air flow and circulation. We do have ceiling fans in the barns, as well as fans on the stall fronts. Stall guards can be used if horses are pleasant. Any horse that aggressively lunges out into the aisle over the stall guard will immediately lose priveledges and will not get them back. Please understand this is a safety issue. Each stall has an individual light, as well as lights in the main aisle. There are cross ties convenient for use, as well as a wash stall. There are 16 stalls in the main barn. The barn is connected to the indoor and the lounge. The tackrooms are all located within the main barn.  One of the tack rooms has a viewing area where lessons in the indoor can be viewed.

LoungeThe lounge is fully equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, and living room space for boarders and other clients to relax. The lounge is heated in the winter time, and is a beautiful area of our barn.

Indoor- We have a medium sized indoor arena with shadowless lighting. The footing is dirt, sand, and rubber. The arena is well ventilated with two large doors, which can be closed in the colder months to keep the wind out.

Grounds- We have 8 paddocks and pastures, where we will find the perfect herd for your horse.

Outdoor- Our outdoor is a combination of grass and stone dust. It is a large arena that has plenty of space for jumping or flat work, and is where many of our riders choose to ride, in the nice weather.