Come Board With Us. You’ll love it here! 

These are some of our 16 stalls in the main barn.

 All boarding includes high quality feed, high quality hay, and feeding of owner supplied supplements.  Risa will also change blankets, apply fly spray, masks, etc. per request.  As herds are established, the horses will be monitored very very closely to ensure their turn out situation works.  If there are problems, Risa and the owner will work together for a new plan. All boarders have access to our tack room and are permitted to keep an acceptable amount of things in their space. All payments are due the first of the month. Payments Made later than the fifth of each month will have a $20 penalty added each day they are late, past 5 days.

Field Board - A very limited number of spots are available. Most important to us here at Castle Glen Equine is the health and well being of your horse. We want to make sure that all horses have access to hay as much as possible, even in the summer, as well as high quality grain feedings two times per day. The horses will always have access to clean fresh water. In order to make sure all horses are able to get proper nutrition, we designate one pasture for field board. There are only 8 total spots in that pasture. We will put you on a waiting list, if you desire.

Cost- $250 per horse per month


These are a few of our fields



Full Stall Board- Horses  will be on night turnout during the summer, and day turn out the remainder of the year. Full board includes high quality feed two times per day as well as at least three feedings of hay per day. Horses do NOT have shelter in the fields, so Risa will plan very carefully to make sure horses get out as much as possible, but also make sure they are in during storms, heavy rain, etc. 

Cost- $400 per horse per month



Full Stall Board with 2 lessons per month- same as full board and includes two private lessons per month




Cost- $500 per horse per month

Training board- Includes 4-5 training rides per week, full stall board, as well as two lessons per month for the owner of the horse. (Preferably on the horse in training, if possible) This is an incredible deal, and the results will surely be evident!

 Cost - Call for a quote